Lindsey’s Story

Lindsey Dougherty has made the public sector her life’s work. She believes the lives of Virginians can be improved through strategic investments in the local economy and will work to build up our communities through new opportunities. In Lindsey’s professional career she has worked extensively with at-risk youth in Juvenile Justice, partnering with community organizations that built both life and job skills. She has worked with state and local governments to increase access to better health through recreation and art. Lindsey currently works in the Budget and Management Department as an analyst for Chesterfield County, providing fiscal oversight and working with community facing departments on their operating, capital improvement plan, and long term budgets.

Lindsey is originally from Knoxville, TN. After completing her BA at the University of Tennessee, she and her husband moved to the Raleigh area in North Carolina to complete their respective graduate programs. Lindsey has a Master’s in Public Administration from North Carolina State University. She moved to Virginia in 2017, with her husband and two children, to pursue new job opportunities and set down roots in the community. She has been an active volunteer with many meaningful organizations and wants to engage with her neighbors in House District 62 as a candidate with ‘every-day, real world experience’, sometimes working multiple jobs at a time to make ends meet, while also attending school full-time, and raising a family. In Lindsey, you will have someone champion your goals and turn them into action at the state level, improving the lives of all 82,000 constituents in the district.

Lindsey believes that communities do better when everyone is safe, healthy, and is engaged with their neighbors. She is excited to get to work, to meet with you and your families, building a community everyone is engaged in. Lindsey’s goals for this campaign are to improve the local and state economies, increase access to all types of jobs, enhance the health and well-being of our citizens, create access and affordability to all types of education, all while increasing civic engagement so that everyone in the district has a voice and is heard.