Lindsey is running to represent the interests of our community, not Richmond special interests. She is focused on policies that will build up our diverse communities in Chesterfield, Hopewell, and Prince George by focusing on:



  • Offer free community college classes and trade school programs to in-state students.

  • Streamline course credit acceptance across the state college and university system to minimize costs to families.

  • Reduce barriers to families with special needs children in public schools, allowing access to comprehensive services sooner.

  • Universal Pre-K programs available to all 3 and 4 year old children.

  • Make sure our schools have the funding they need to be safe for all students.


  • Improve pay for Virginia teachers and school support staff; raising starting and experienced pay levels to above the average for mid-Atlantic states.

  • Raise the state minimum wage to better support all Virginia families.

  • Assist families struggling with care-giving costs for children and/or seniors through subsidy programs while also improving options for families that need flexible care schedules.

  • Promote affordable housing initiatives.

  • Review and strengthen financial consumer protections.



  • Make sure that pre-existing conditions are protected for all Virginians.

  • Cap the cost of prescription drugs to make sure no one goes without the treatment they need.

  • Improve access to quality and affordable mental healthcare; including substance abuse and addiction programs.

  • Expand access to emergency beds for acute mental health crisis patients.

  • Work to transition military personnel and their families, from active duty roles to veteran roles in the community.

  • Implement commonsense gun safety solutions that reduce gun violence across our communities.

Civic Engagement & Civil Rights

  • Guarantee equality for all. Lindsey will work to protect the LGTBQ+ community by banning housing discrimination, ending conversion therapy, and putting in place workplace protections.

  • Move the commonwealth forward with new criminal justice reform legislation, including the decriminalization of marijuana.

  • Implement in-person early voting schedules for general elections.

  • Pass the Equal Right’s Amendment (ERA).

  • Advocate for women’s right to improved healthcare outcomes and protect all reproductive rights.

  • Environmental policies that increase use of renewable energies, bolster protections and water quality to the tributaries of the Chesapeake, and commit to education programs that will reduce waste and increase recycling rates/compliance.


Other questions?

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