Why Lindsey is Running


In 2016, Lindsey’s family was growing and thriving. Lindsey, her husband Brent, and their 5-year old son Grayson had just welcomed newborn Brianna to their family. But every family can unexpectedly run into serious problems. After Brent lost his job and Grayson was diagnosed with a serious medical condition, Lindsey's family was devastated. Knowing that most insurance companies would not cover Grayson’s condition, Lindsey took action.

Lindsey joined forces with healthcare advocates who were lobbying the General Assembly to expand health coverage to protect families and save lives. Over the opposition of insurance companies, Lindsey fought for her family and all the families of Virginia. But entrenched special interests in Richmond were more interested in insurance company profits than protecting Virginia families.

While Lindsey was finally able to both get Grayson the care he needed and avoid bankruptcy, she learned about the tough choices too many Virginians have to make every day. And she learned that the State Legislature too often does not stand with those families.

In 2019, Lindsey knew she had to stand up and help others. She decided to run to represent Virginia families as the next Delegate in the 62nd District.